I am an enrolled Native American and I appreciate the opportunity to submit my education and gaming hospitality experience to the general public. I possesses a unique and diverse combination of education; Master of Business Administration (MBA) and proven abilities (20 years construction industry and 20 plus years gaming hospitality experience) to any gaming and  destination resort, with the ultimate goal of improving your revenues and operating efficiency.I am a proven leader in gaming management, specifically under the direction of Tribal Councils or Board of Directors, I consistently contribute to the growth and success of casino resorts.


My twenty plus years of gaming management experience includes a thorough knowledge of hospitality, marketing, gaming, and regulations (Federal, State and Tribal) specifically applicable to gaming. A strategic and forward-thinking professional, I develop and implement strategies and processes that result in operational excellence and outstanding communication throughout the organization. I lead my teams to provide an exemplary guest experience, ensuring fulfilling player action, traffic flow and return business.


Some notable accomplishments include creating a budget to control spending and successfully negotiating with banks to avoid foreclosure when several tribes fell out of compliance on their loans; applying my previous twenty plus years of construction experience and project management expertise to develop casinos from top to bottom; turning around declining net income at a Midwest  Casino with an effective marketing strategy, increasing monthly net income by  27%; and growing overall revenue 15% for another Midwestern  Casino, during its move to a new location.


My strengths include running multi-property operations; preparing and managing budgets focused on sustainability and growth; ensuring compliance with applicable federal, state, and tribe regulations; cultivating enduring relationships within the organization as well as externally with the community, members of the Gaming Commission, vendors and banks.


Having spent my career in leadership positions in the gaming and hospitality industry, I bring unparalleled experience to the table. The accompanying resume provides additional details on how I enhanced the performance of other properties I have been employed at. I look forward to speaking with you any casino hospitality company regarding my services.





Leverage financial expertise and operations knowhow to consistently enhance performance at tribal casinos. History of increasing revenue through multi-media marketing, driving profit by reducing operating costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Lead teams to provide an outstanding guest experience to ensure return visits.




  • Grew overall revenue 15% for USA Midwest Casino during its move to a new location.
  • Increased top line revenue by $2M a month while reducing labor cost at USA Midwest Casino.
  • Turned around declining net income at USA Midwest Casino with an effective marketing strategy, increasing monthly net income approximately 27%.
  • Avoided Foreclosure by creating budgets to control spending and successfully negotiated with banks when several tribes fell out of compliance with lending institutions on loans.
  • Negotiated vendor contracts for helicopter, fixed wing, travel agencies (domestic and international) increasing cash flow for USA Southwest Resort approximately $40K a month.
  • Updated slot accounting system for ticket-in-ticket-out (TITO) technology casino wide at USA Midwest Casino increasing slot win from $155.6M to $171.8M while reducing customer wait times.
  • Increased cash flow $630K a month with multi-media marketing for the USA West Casino.

Career History

USA Midwest Tribe Internal Audit Director, 2014-2015

Monitored revenue in excess of $180M from gaming, $25M form third party billing.

Recruited to develop an Office of Budget Management for the Nation.

  • Analyzed and recommended changes to enhance effectiveness of internal control structure of Government and Business operations.
  • Conducted internal financial, operational, compliance audits of all activities.
  • Developed annual audit plan designed to mitigate risk.  
  • Made modifications to casino floor in regards to participation/WAPS/conversions to reduce expenses and increased slot play for house assets.
  • Worked with Nation to develop BIA Section 17 Corporation including modifications to current laws as well as Bylaws.
  • Investigated Gaming Commission regarding shutdown of Kiosks/ATM regarding GLI Certificate requirements.
  • Reviewed and investigated expenditures for preconstruction of casino projects valued at $173M.
  • Investigated and made recommendations regarding TERO Ordinance and Executive Branch issues.


USA Midwest Casino, Chief Executive Officer, 2014

Managed revenue in excess of $70M and 900 employees, while developing and managing budget for three primary locations.

  • Oversaw the business operations of three Class III casinos, C-Store, three hotels, two RV Parks. Games included 1,850 slot machines, Blackjack (20), Poker (6 tables), Deli (3), Buffet (2) restaurant, Hotel (total rooms (~200), C-Store (Gasoline, Diesel) and RV Park (80).
  • Developed and instituted fiscal and budgetary financial reporting requirements for slots, table games, bingo, F&B, Hotel, C-Store, which included revenue and expense departments.
  • Developed format for the presentation of financial results on a monthly basis for Tribal Council, which included Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash flow analysis to include month to date fiscal comparison and year to date fiscal comparison.
  • Developed marketing strategy utilizing radio, newspaper, periodicals, newsletter, television, outdoor and slot accounting marketing modules (Super Playmate, Ricochet Rewards, Splashdown, Jackpot announcement, Personal Banker, and Bonus Points).
  • Developed strategy for renegotiating covenant compliance certificate with bank due to consistent compliance default of BIA Guarantee, Conventional and Gaming vendor loan debt.
  • Worked closely with Gaming Commission to increase the effectiveness of internal controls while maintaining cash flow during recessionary economy.


USA Midwest Casino, General Manager, 2011 to 2013

Managed Indian Casino Gaming and 350 employees.

Developed and managed budgets for Class II & III gaming locations.  

  • Directed business operations of a small Class II & III casino with 250 slot machines, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo (Video & Paper), Deli, Buffet, 60 room hotel, C-Store and small RV Park.
  • Developed fiscal and budgetary financial reporting requirements for slots, table games, bingo, F&B, Hotel, and C-Store, which included revenue and expense departments.
  • Developed multi-media marketing strategy.
  • Reviewed number of machines, number of participation to total floor and ratio of machine denominations to maximize coin in and overall results, showing a 2% increase over previous YTD.
  • Revised Blackjack games strategy and reduced losses by making changes to operations that enhanced hold percent and house advantage as well as bringing in new and exciting Carnival games. Reviewed rake and modified to reduce payroll expenses and increase house win.
  • Mentored managers to decrease complacency and improve morale. Trained Tribal Member for GM position.
  • Worked closely with Gaming Commission on marketing to increase the effectiveness and reduce redundancy of internal controls, keeping in mind the need to generate cash flow.
  • Implemented new strategy for Bingo, increasing participation and coordinating better with casino gaming from a marketing perspective.
  • Reorganized Class II video operations and instituted internal controls consistent with MICS.
  • Negotiated $10M loan documents with lender and drew up design to remodel casino.


USA Midwest Casino Resort, General Manager, 2010 to 2011

Developed and managed budgets for three primary entities, Casino, Bingo, Two hotels, Bowling Alley.

Oversaw the business operations of a small Class III casino with 328 slot machines, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo, Deli, Restaurant, and two hotels and RV and 500 employees.

  • Developed reporting requirements for Slots, Table games, Bingo and other revenue and non-revenue departments.
  • Trained tribal member replacement for General Manager Position.
  • Outsourced food and beverage to reduce excessive labor costs and enhanced revenue potential.
  • Reconfigured slot operations to successfully increase market share.
  • Targeted new segment with promotions, concerts, outdoor events to increase market share.
  • Restructured table games to increase hold percentage and customer participation.


USA Southwest Resort, Chief Executive Officer, 2008 to 2009

Managed Southwest resort for Native government including developing and managing budgets for airport terminal, overlook, ranch, lodge and river rafting operation. Directed all activities of 700 employees.

  • Negotiated vendor contracts concerning helicopter, fixed wing and travel agency services as well as partnerships with international companies located throughout Asia and Europe.
  • Handled price structuring for all products and services of resort.
  • Advised Board of Directors on resort financials.
  • Developed the concept of utilizing microwave towers and satellites to bring enhanced telecommunication to remote edges of resort, which was very isolated.
  • Increased revenue by developing new products with tour and air operators.
  • Researched and selected new Gateway ticketing system, which was server based versus web hosted.
  • Selected CCTV digital surveillance system for resort.
  • Developed employee housing and established guidelines for busing employees on a daily basis to work, including tribal employees located 90 plus miles away.
  • Worked on various improvement projects that included ensuring a paved road to resort was completed, water issues were resolved by accessing funds available through a government stimulus bill.


USA Southwest Casino, General Manger, 2008

Developed and managed budgets for 750 slot machines, Blackjack and Poker tables, and Deli, Restaurant and Travel Plaza while managing 250 employees.

  • Oversaw the business operations of a small Class III casino with 750 slot machines, Blackjack and Poker tables, and Deli, Restaurant and Travel Plaza.
  • Implemented stringent managerial reporting requirements for slots, table games and the casino are other revenue and non-revenue departments.
  • Restructured food and beverage operations to reduce high cost outlay.
  • Reconfigured slot operations to successfully increase market share.
  • Selected new slot accounting system to increase win per machine resulting in a positive return on investment.
  • Designed new multi-use area for bingo and marketing events, which increased customer traffic.
  • Targeted new segment to increase market share.
  • Restructured table games to increase hold percentage and customer participation.


USA Midwest Native Government, Executive Director of Business, 2006 to 2007

Managed 2,550 employees and the daily operations of destination resort propertied to include three Class III casinos: Midwest Casino (600 Machines, Roulette, Bingo, Hotel, C-Store, and 100 Machine ancillary sites), Midwest casino (550 Machines, Craps, Poker, BJ, C-Store, and Bingo) and Midwest Casino (2432+ Machines, Poker, BJ, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, OTB, C-Store, F&B, and Hotel & Convention Center).

  • Oversaw five C store operations located at various locations of the Nation.
  • Defined benchmarks for general managers in connection with budget forecasts.
  • Modified organizational structure to ensure proper reporting requirements.
  • Enrolled six tribal members in a two year casino management program, which included table Games, Slot, Marketing, Games Protection, and Compliance and management skills.


USA West Casino, General Manager, 2005 to 2006

Developed and managed budget for Class III casino with a 400-seat bingo hall, 646 reel & video slot machines, 12 table games, 90 hotel rooms, 2 food & beverage outlets, R.V. Park, and a convention center.

  • Redesigned surveillance with the latest digital technology.
  • Restructured organization to maximize organizational effectiveness.
  • Researched and wrote a strategic plan for the casino.
  • Increased cash flow from $350K to approximately $980K a month, through effective management skills and effective marketing, promotions, concerts.
  • Successfully led casino through IRS 941 tip audit, National Indian Gaming Commission audit of financials and Federal Labor Standards Audit.


USA Midwest Casino, General Manager, 2003 to 2005

Developed and managed budget for destination casino with 98,000 square feet of Class III space, a 500-seat bingo hall, 2,432 reel & video slot machines, 60 table games, 315 hotel rooms, 6 food & beverage outlets, and a 60K convention center with 1,500 employees.

  • Directed the transition from Acres slot accounting system to IGT’s IVS system, which included marketing modules.
  • Purchased 800 new slot machines and converted 780.
  • Eliminated duplicate accounting at Hotel Convention Center, saving $500K annually.
  • Directed the transition of 65% of slot machines from coin to ticket-in-ticket-out and reduced customer wait time for fills and hand pays from two (2) hours (on weekdays) to roughly twenty (20) minutes.
  • Restructured Food & Beverage and began turning black values.


USA Midwest Gaming Enterprise, Chief Executive Officer, 2001 to 2002

Developed and managed 1,250 employees and budget for destination casino including three casino properties.

  • Improved operations by modifying the corporate structure and developing a comprehensive SOP handbook.
  • Streamlined accounting functions by directing a transition for CSBI software to Infinium.
  • Played a key role in negotiating a long-term note for the casino, achieving favorable terms.
  • Taught Slot Operations / Management class as part of the career path training program at the tribal college.
  • Enhanced slot machine accounting by negotiating a system upgrade to support ticket-in-ticket-out capabilities.
  • Extended market reach for the casinos, revising marketing strategies to focus on different market segments.
  • Facilitated more informed decision-making by changing reporting requirements for end-of-month financial statements delivered to the Tribal Council.
  • Directed the development of reversible nine (9) holes golf course.


Earlier: Midwest  Casino and Quality Inn, GM; Midwest Tribe, Legislator; Midwest  Multi-property, , Business Director; Midwest Casino, GM; Midwest Multi-property, Executive Director of Casino Operations, GM, Assistant General Manager, Assistant CFO and Tribal Auditor.




MBA, University Phoenix

BA, major-Sociology, minor-Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire



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